EME VAN DEWEIL – Her Path to Success

eme van deWiel
Eme VanDeweil, Capri College Graduate

Eme VanDeweil had it all figured out! Passionate about the Beauty Industry, she was a 2008 graduate of Dubuque Capri College Esthetics, and she had a great temporary part -time job at Peels Salon Services in Dubuque as a sales associate, while planning her career in skin care.  Having been taught business techniques in Esthetics classes, she dedicated herself to learning all the products at Peels so she could pass on that knowledge to her clients. Her outstanding sales record caught the attention of her employers and she was promoted to Store Manager.

Then Life stepped in and changed her plans!

L’Oreal bought Peels and discovered the talented Store Manager had a lot to offer them! L’Oreal also owned SalonCentric national salons, and to prepare their employees to be outstanding in product knowledge, they had a SalonCentric training program called Beauty Guru! Recognizing Eme’s excellent product knowledge and sales, they sent her off to California to study in the Beauty Guru training program. She was taught all their products in hair, skin and nails. Mirabella skin care products, OPI Nails and Kenra Hair Care products were all part of her training. Eme said that her Capri Esthetics teacher, Heather Haxmeier, held licenses in Esthetics and Cosmetology and often included hair care information in her class lectures. That background knowledge, along with her education in Esthetics helped Eme to learn quickly.  During her training, she discovered a particular interest in hair care products.

Upon completion of her Beauty Guru training, Eme was sent to SalonCentric stores in California, Iowa, Florida and LasVegas, Nevada to train store employees and distributors on the new products. Her interest in hair care products paid off and she was promoted to Regional Manager for Kenra Professional in Iowa. She achieved all this in only two years and wasn’t even thirty years old!

As the Regional Manager for Kenra Professional in Iowa, she visits 180 salons in Iowa, including forty Cost Cutter Salons, three times a year. She teaches the latest updates of Product Knowledge on her visits, and she represents Kenra at the major national Beauty shows, presenting product knowledge and supporting the Kenra representatives.

Eme loves her job and credits Capri for preparing her for the business world and a career in Beauty.  “Capri is a great stepping stone that will give you the basics in training, but students have to remember that after they have been graduated from college, their education has just begun! Be eager for knowledge and seize any unexpected opportunity that comes along. Follow your passion and work hard. Keep educating yourself and follow any path that comes along. Have a positive attitude, be open-minded to suggestions and even to criticisms, use social media, con-ed classes and meet with product representatives to deepen your knowledge. Remember that education does not stop at graduation! And above all, Follow your Passion and Do What YOU LOVE!” Eme did that and today she is successful, Doing What She Loves! She started out on one path, then suddenly found herself with an opportunity she didn’t know existed.

Life is like that! Follow your passion and Do What You LOVE!

50 Years of Success!

nikki hynek profile pic
Capri College Graduate, Nikki Hynek

As Capri College enters our 50th year of Excellence in Education, we want to highlight many of our outstanding graduates who are not only Doing What They LOVE, but with hard work and dedication have obtained outstanding success!

Keep an eye out for monthly bios on individual Capri graduates and the multiple career paths they followed after graduating from Capri College. See for yourself how Doing What You LOVE can make you a success!

And if you are a Capri Graduate and want us to know about your success story, join our Capri College Alumni Facebook group and message Erin Fiegen with your contact info.

We look forward to highlighting our graduates and hearing from all of you!


The Importance of Business Training for Beauty Professionals

Jim Yates and Nikky Hynek – International Business Student of The Year Winner, Capri College Graduate

Creativity, Flexible Schedules, Multiple Career Paths – the chance to Do What You LOVE! That’s Cosmetology!

But for Capri College Cosmetology students, preparing for a business they love includes adding to their expert skills with expert business training! Capri’s Nuts & Bolts business program (specifically designed for Cosmetology students) teaches our students how to build their business skills and keep their clients coming back! Capri feels It is vital our education include not only technical skills, but also real world training.  “Training students to be successful is not an option. It’s our obligation. Your success is our business.” Jim Yates, Nuts & Bolts founder.

Want to learn more? You can come in to visit with our friendly staff, tour one of our beautiful facilities, observe in a class, receive a service, and chat with a current student.  See how you too can make your dreams of Beauty into a Beautiful Business!

Farewell, Old Friend – In Memoriam, Bernice Schuster

Written by: Ellen Brown

Bernice SchusterThe Capri College staff and students at the Dubuque campus were saddened when we lost one of our greatest supporters and friends. Bernice Schuster, a weekly client of over twenty years, passed away Tuesday, August 11, 2015 in Dubuque.

Every Friday, regular as clockwork, Bernice would arrive with a smile on her face, filled with contagious joy. She was here for her weekly Friday morning appointment, bright and early, ready to get “dolled up!” Capri students loved working on her beautiful white hair, which looked like a ‘fluffy halo!’  She was so easy to please, students said, and she never complained!  An inductee in the 4 H Hall of Fame in 2011, Bernice’s love of her family highlighted her conversations while she recounted loving, amusing tales of her family’s ‘high jinks!’ Easy to please, fun to talk with and always happy- that was Bernice Schuster, loyal Capri client and adopted member of the Capri Family.

Farewell, Old Friend. Your Capri Family will miss you!


Massage Therapy Schools in Dubuque 

Accredited Massage Therapy Schools in Dubuque

All Massage Therapy Schools are not alike….

Capri is the only Accredited Massage School in Dubuque.  Accreditation approval is a costly and complicated process, requiring an ongoing investment of literally thousands of hours.  This investment in our school, however, means you can be assured we maintain standards of integrity, quality education, success rates, and that we demonstrate compliance with dozens of regulations that protect students.  Accreditation also provides us an independent assessment of student satisfaction.  During our recent accreditation visit, 100% of our students surveyed said they felt good about their choice to attend Capri (ACCSC survey results, Jan 2015 visit; available upon request).

Capri is the Only Massage School in Dubuque that is Qualified to Offer Federal Financial Aid

Students may qualify for grants (money you don’t have to pay back), subsidized loans, and even a tax credit (direct reduction in tax or increase in refund) of up to $2,500!  This helps offset education costs, and is only available at qualified schools!  We know cost is a major concern to most people, so we have also kept our tuition/equipment costs reasonable, while still offering a lifetime warranty table, professional equipment, iPad and six textbooks.

Commitment to quality:  One quick example is our Massage Director, Josh.  Years ago, we decided to incorporate Thai massage into our curriculum. After extensive training in Chicago (and a trip to Thailand), Josh literally wrote his own book on Thai Massage.   Now, he passes that knowledge on to Capri massage students here in Dubuque and at our other locations in Cedar Rapids, Davenport, and Waterloo.

Quality Education:

-We have designed our Massage Therapy education to be interesting, challenging, and fun!  And our relaxed schedule is structured in a professional manner.   

-We are the only massage school in Iowa that allows you to experience our environment, instructors, and facility for two weeks before committing.  You may be surprised how much you would owe another school if you decide it is not right for you after two weeks.

-We pride ourselves on the level of instructor led education we offer, do not expect students to educate themselves for large portions of the program, take laundry home, etc.

-Capri students learn how to do a complete massage before being scheduled for practical training on the public.  Also, we do not allow strangers to book massage appointments on-line with our students.  We feel strongly that sharing student names and schedules on-line is a recipe for trouble.

We have been offering Massage training in Dubuque for over 20 years; giving back to our community through various fundraisers and volunteering.  This has built the respect and reputation we now enjoy.  If you are thinking of a career in Massage Therapy, helping others feel their best, make sure you truly research all your options, ask a lot of questions, talk to students and graduates, and make an informed choice.

Decide for yourself; which Massage Therapy School in Dubuque will provide a better education?

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