Massage Therapy Schools in Dubuque 

Accredited Massage Therapy Schools in Dubuque

All Massage Therapy Schools are not alike….

Capri is the only Accredited Massage School in Dubuque.  Accreditation approval is a costly and complicated process, requiring an ongoing investment of literally thousands of hours.  This investment in our school, however, means you can be assured we maintain standards of integrity, quality education, success rates, and that we demonstrate compliance with dozens of regulations that protect students.  Accreditation also provides us an independent assessment of student satisfaction.  During our recent accreditation visit, 100% of our students surveyed said they felt good about their choice to attend Capri (ACCSC survey results, Jan 2015 visit; available upon request).

Capri is the Only Massage School in Dubuque that is Qualified to Offer Federal Financial Aid

Students may qualify for grants (money you don’t have to pay back), subsidized loans, and even a tax credit (direct reduction in tax or increase in refund) of up to $2,500!  This helps offset education costs, and is only available at qualified schools!  We know cost is a major concern to most people, so we have also kept our tuition/equipment costs reasonable, while still offering a lifetime warranty table, professional equipment, iPad and six textbooks.

Commitment to quality:  One quick example is our Massage Director, Josh.  Years ago, we decided to incorporate Thai massage into our curriculum. After extensive training in Chicago (and a trip to Thailand), Josh literally wrote his own book on Thai Massage.   Now, he passes that knowledge on to Capri massage students here in Dubuque and at our other locations in Cedar Rapids, Davenport, and Waterloo.

Quality Education:

-We have designed our Massage Therapy education to be interesting, challenging, and fun!  And our relaxed schedule is structured in a professional manner.   

-We are the only massage school in Iowa that allows you to experience our environment, instructors, and facility for two weeks before committing.  You may be surprised how much you would owe another school if you decide it is not right for you after two weeks.

-We pride ourselves on the level of instructor led education we offer, do not expect students to educate themselves for large portions of the program, take laundry home, etc.

-Capri students learn how to do a complete massage before being scheduled for practical training on the public.  Also, we do not allow strangers to book massage appointments on-line with our students.  We feel strongly that sharing student names and schedules on-line is a recipe for trouble.

We have been offering Massage training in Dubuque for over 20 years; giving back to our community through various fundraisers and volunteering.  This has built the respect and reputation we now enjoy.  If you are thinking of a career in Massage Therapy, helping others feel their best, make sure you truly research all your options, ask a lot of questions, talk to students and graduates, and make an informed choice.

Decide for yourself; which Massage Therapy School in Dubuque will provide a better education?

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