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Men's Hairstyles

According to Luis Alvarez, Aquage co-founder, the bold approach to men’s fashion demands new groomers that focus on ultra-vivid, unexpected texture. “While many seem ever-fascinated with the fade, there are so many ways to take men’s grooming beyond the hair cut through transforming texture with salon products,” Alvarez says.

“With men, it’s that little bit of off that’s so on right now,” Alvarez says. “They can now dress their hair without having to use a pomade or traditional men’s product. Guys don’t layer like women do—they stick to one product.” It’s all about product selection, he says, that makes the difference.”

Hair and photography: Luis Alvarez

Make-up: Wanda Alvarez

Fashion styling: Patric Chauvez

Paula Kent Meehan, Co-founder of Redken, Passes Away

It is with great sadness that we report that Paula Kent Meehan died peacefully at her home in Beverly Hills midday today, Monday June 23, 2014, at age 82.

Meehan made an impact on the professional salon industry in the 1960’s when she took $3000 of her own money to co-found (with Jheri Redding) Redken Hair Care. Since then her efforts have touched millions of salon professionals and their clients with innovative products and techniques. Meehan established the “Scientific Approach to Beauty” based on her dedication to developing products that respect the natural pH of the hair and skin. She also pioneered the concept of teaching chemistry to hairdressers, enabling them to better serve their clients.


Paula Kent Meehan, Co-founder of Redken

A life long resident of Beverly Hills, California, Meehan built an empire and earned recognition both in and outside the beauty world. She was named among the “top 50 women business owners” by Working Woman magazine; #1 on Los Angeles Business Journal’s list of women-owned businesses in LA for four consecutive years; and one of Entrepreneurial Woman’s eight most powerful business owners. Her philanthropic efforts were numerous including generous donations to industry charities as well as several animal related charities in and around Los Angeles.

According to Maggie Mulhern, Modern’s Beauty and Fashion Director, “There are thousands of reasons to love and respect Paula, but the fact that she was one of the most powerful women running a powerful company is important. She inspired so many, including working salon professionals as well as other entrepreneurs wanting to share a product, tool or technique with the salon world. She had a ‘can-do’ approach to any endeavor. “

“Paula brought more than science to the salon professional,” says Modern’s West Coast Manager, Gregg McConnell. “She brought love, passion and fun to the beauty industry.”


On a personal note, Mulhern adds, “One of my favorite lunches, both professionally and personally, was with Paula at a small restaurant in Greenwich Village in the early ‘90’s. It was just the two of us. We spent most of the time talking about the importance of beauty to the individual and how she was proud that she could help women around the world. She had an amazing spirit and she will be missed.”

Although Meehan was no longer involved in the day to day operations of Redken, her influence is still felt. “Today, we lost a true legend in the professional haircare industry,” says Redken US General Manager, Leslie Marino. “The legacy that she has left sustains the brand today. Paula created products and education programs that propelled the industry’s transformation. Her pioneering ways will be missed but her spirit will be in our hearts and minds forever.”


“Our industry has lost a shining star today. For so many people… And for the women in our business, Paula paved the way. She had beauty, guts, brain, and a huge energy that changed the beauty business forever. A mentor, example, and inspiration for so many of us. She paved a path we need to have the courage to follow. I’m sure she and Vidal will continue to inspire us — always.” –-Beth Minardi

“I remember meeting Paula many years ago when I was still just a kid… My father took me out to California on a business trip which included a visit to Redken… Paula took us all around and showed us the entire place… I remember she was especially proud of the SES program they had recently developed… In retrospect I suspect she just wanted my dad to know how important education had become at Redken… I found out later she had asked my father to join her when she first started the company… I still wonder today what the company might have been called had he not declined… Fortunately for Jheri Redding the company would be named in honor of his namesake and hers … Of course my father continued to grow Pivot Point and Paula continued to grow her business after buying Jheri out… Years later both my father and Paula would be honored by NCA at the Legends Ball in Chicago, a fitting tribute to two industry legends… Sadly, we’ve lost far too many of them the past few years… I suspect, however, they’re all hanging out reminiscing about the good ol’ days and contemplating the future of our beautiful industry…” –Robert Passage

“I am deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Paula Kent Meehan, co-founder of Redken. I know that Paula was well loved and respected. As we all grieve, know that we are remembering and honoring the memory of Paula Kent Meehan, a legacy in the industry. I am assured that we will be comforted by our memories and her love for the industry. May her heart and soul find peace and comfort and be comforted by the outpouring of love surrounding Paula. Our heart grieves over what is lost, yet our spirit rejoices over what you have left. Thank you for your dedication Paula!” –With love and remembrance, Sam Villa

“Paula was an inspiring leader for so many salon professionals at every level–stylist, owner, distributor and manufacturer network. She brought her vision to life time and again in ways that always centered around helping salon professionals elevate their businesses and improve their lives. She was one of a few great icons of a golden age in the salon business. She pioneered salon retailing and championed education on both in-salon and mega gathering experiences. She wrote checks to fund a partnership with MODERN to launch NAHA and celebrate artists. She had a dream to bring MBA level education to salon owners and underwrote an aggressive program to recognize outstanding salon businesses worldwide. Through it all, she brought people together and did so with class and grace. “We will miss her and are grateful for all she did and built for salon professionals.” –Michele Musgrove

“When I started at Modern in sales, Redken was the hottest thing in the industry. Ken Grogan, who was a very close friend of hers, introduced me to her at the first trade show I attended. I was struck by how beautiful and gracious she was and thought it was amazing that this woman was probably the biggest executive in an industry that was so dominated by men. It’s really the end of an era.” –Jan Hillenmeyer

“We will forever be grateful and indebted to Paula for her vision, inspiration and generosity while she was leading our Redken, and beyond, in the 21 years subsequent to our acquisition. She continued to support our relationships witnessed by her hosting the 50th Anniversary Reunion in 2010 for 416 returning Redken alumni at the Beverly Hills Hotel. It’s been said, ‘You just cannot out give Paula Kent Meehan’.” – Joni Rae Russell



“A Life Truly Lived” (In Memory of Paula Kent Meehan) Here is a story, that needs to be told
For it is the story of an angel, who dared to be bold
For she came into life, and gave it her true very best
And in so doing, stood high above the rest
For she started a company, through her own personal need
And through her hard work and efforts, it soon took the lead
And the courage and insight, to take on the unknown
Is how she would build this great company REDKEN, and set her own tone
For the love that she felt, for the industry she would adore
Would come from her deep admiration, right down to her core
And the way we would look, at our skin and our hair
Would now always be different, with everything Paula would share
For we now looked at science, as we just never had
And we realized Paula’s products and teachings, were not just a new fad
For it all would make such sense, and give us all a new way
To truly enrich and enjoy, our hair every day
And Paula knew how important it was, to educate and enlighten
And she created her classes and techniques, to illuminate and brighten
And she would bring hairdressers together, in big events she would host
And she would show them how special they were, from the east to west coast
Through recognition and applause, she would point them all out
And you just saw her true adoration, there was just never a doubt
Paula would show them the skills, to excel and succeed
To operate successful businesses, even their own dreams they would exceed
And through many of these years, she would have her true love John by her side
He would be her husband she could count on, till the day that he died
And the children and grandchildren, that they cherished and shared
Would bring them both such great joy, you could just see how truly they cared
And the friends Paula had, just seemed never to end
They were of every gender and race, they were her true special blend
And the giving of her time, and her money to causes so dear
Her tireless efforts, would continue year after year
And the accolades she would receive, and the awards she would get
Could never truly show her, how much we are all in her debt
So as the mourning process starts, and our final goodbyes that we give
Let us truly appreciate the life, that Paula Kent Meehan did live
For we know in our hearts, Paula is with our dear Lord
And that she is up there in heaven, striking her own special chord
And as she looks down upon us, and day turns into night
This special lady we’ll remember, with her light shining forever bright

–By Buddy Feldshon

2014 Met Ball Style Roundup & How-Tos

Met Ball Style

It makes sense that the annual Costume Institute Gala is one of the most glamorous evenings of the year; the Met Ball kicks off the Metropolitan Museum’s fashion exhibit at the Costume Institute. With great fashion comes great hair, and we have a selection of some of the best, most fashionable styles from the 2014 event.

Modern twist (Get the look)
Textured half-up, half-down (Get the look)
Modernized victory roll + romantic waves (Get the look)
Sleek pony and low bun (Get the looks)
Ornate, low bun (Get the look)

HOW-TO: Create an A-List Faux Bob

Faux Bob
This story is via ModernSalon.com

Jennifer Anniston, Reese Witherspoon, Jenny McCarthy and Chelsea Handler are just some of the A-listers with sexy new bobs. It’s a fresh look for spring/summer, but some clients just aren’t into the big chop. Ruth RocheArtistic Ambassador for Pureology Serious Colour Care, suggests creating a faux bob using braids and lacing to take the length up – it will put a spring in any girl’s step. See the video on HERE!

“A faux bob is a great look to offer a client for a special event, it’s not going to be a look they want to tackle every day,” says Roche.

STEP 1: Section the top area of the head and pin up.

STEP 2: The bottom hair will be braided into four vertical sections with three strand braids – right over center, left over center, etc., adding to both sides as you go and securing an elastic about 4” from the bottom of each section. This flattens the area, creates a base for pinning and brings the length up.

STEP 3: Tuck the braids up and secure with a pin, leaving the last 4” to hang.

STEP 4: Lace ends to shorten and expand hair to spread it out.

STEP 5: Drop the top portion of hair, lace it to shorten the length and gather and pin hair up so the ends are roughly the same length as the ends of the braids.

STEP 6: Any shorter top layers or fringe (depending on length/type of original haircut) can be arranged to fall over the previous layers to blend.

STEP 7: Finish with Pureology Strengthening Control zero dulling hairspray for soft touchable hold

The 40’s Making a Comeback: Rolls, Flat Waves, Low Side Parts

1970s Rock ‘n’ Roll Haircuts

Via ModernSalon.Com

According to Wade Blackford, a KEVIN.MURPHY Ceative Team & Style Master Educator and Creative Team Educator for Chumba Concept Salons in Australia, the ‘40s will make a big come back in summer 2014 with rolls off the face and onto the face, flat waves and very low side parts.

“Don’t think big think small,” says Blackford. “You will see messy or neat hair, but it won’t be big. Elegance is still in. Think haircut shapes from Mad Men but stylized so they don’t flatter the housewife like in the past few seasons, but more femme fatale.

‘70s Rock ‘n’ Roll haircuts are on their way back with a return to texture and a more natural feel. Color will move back toward more natural tones while brights and fluorescents “are on their way out.” Reds and Corals will be us for another season and will be featured strongly editorially.

Urban Chic Ponytail Hardware

Urban Chic Ponytail Hardware

Textured Urban Ponytails

Ponytails come and go, but the hardware Eugene Souleiman incorporated into textured urban ponytails for the Missoni Spring/Summer 2014 show at London Fashion Week will be hard to forget – WOW!

Watch Eugene Souleiman and the Wella Professional team add hair adornments backstage at the Missoni Spring/Summer 14 show at London Fashion Week!


10 Movies Every Hairstylist Should Watch!

Sweeney Todd


Sweeney Todd tells the story of Benjamin Barker, who vows his revenge after the death of his wife and opens a barbershop in which he slits the throats of customers and bakes them into pies.


Beauty Shop


In this sequel to Barbershop, the women get their own chance to shampoo, shine and speak their minds at the beauty shop.

Vidal Sassoon Movie


This documentary traces the life of Vidal Sassoon, the self-made man whose passion and perseverance took him to the pinnacle of his craft.

Blow Dry

7. BLOW DRY (2001) “THE ROMCOM”: 

Blow Dry is a touching British film that focuses on the takeover of a small English village by the British Hairdressing Championship holding its annual competition there.

Edward Scissorhands


In this modern-day fantasy, we’re told the story of man with scissors for hands who falls in love with a beautiful, young girl. Not to mention a brilliant performance from J. Depp.

Shampoo Movie


Shampoo is a satirical romantic drama that centers on George Roundy, a successful Beverly Hills hairdresser who spends as much time sleeping with his female clients as he does doing their hair.

You Dont Mess With The Zohan


In this action-comedy, an Israeli Special Forces Soldier, Zohan, fakes his death so he can re-emerge in New York City as a hair stylist.

Hairspray Movie

3. HAIRSPRAY (1988, 2007) “THE SHOW TUNE”:

Hairspray revolves around self-proclaimed “pleasantly plump” teenager Tracy Turnblad as she pursues stardom as a dancer on a local TV show and rallies against racial segregation.

Good Hair


In this documentary, comedian Chris Rock explores the history of how African-American women perceive their hair and what is considered acceptable and desirable for African-American women’s hair in the U.S.

Steel Magnolias


Steel Magnolias is a heart-wrenching drama about a beauty shop in Louisiana owned by Truvy Jones and the tragedies of all her clients.



Oscars 2014: Best of the Boys


Via ModernSalon.com – At the 2014 Academy Awards, the leading ladies might have stolen the show, but the Oscar men definitely gave them a run for their money. While we bid adieu to the man bun seen at The Golden Globes, this year’s Oscar style went dapper with delightfully tailored, neatly coiffed men’s looks. Here, are a few of our favorites.

THE SIDEPART: A classic and clean cut with a precision sidepart. This look features sides of the hair that are kept longer and not as tailored.

As seen on: Jonah HillLeonardo DicaprioJason Sudeikis

Oscars 14 Side Part Men

THE ANTI-POMP: Relaxed and stylish, this look features longer hair at the crown and shorter hair on the sides. Subtle-volume is created for extra height and dimension.

As seen on: Channing TatumChris Evans, Bradley CooperBrad Pitt and Mathew McConaughey

Oscars 14 Anti Pomp Men


OTHER STANDOUTS: Jared Leto’s Ombre Waves and Michael B. Jordan’s Classic Fade

Oscars 14


Manic Panic: Meet Founders Snooky and Tish

It all started in 1977 when sisters Snooky and Tish Bellomo offered interesting, fun and eclectic items in their St. Mark’s Place store in NYC. No other store could compete with their hot and fun beauty products so the sisters ran with it…especially their fun hair colors. Credited with beginning the trend (and a leader in the category), devoted fans still count on Manic Panic to help them express their own color wheel. Cyndi Lauper, a fan of the yellow, once called in a Manic “Panic” as she was low on her stash.

manic panic

When not attending trade shows, Snooky and Tish (not hairdressers) perform as back up singers in a rock band, but it appears their true passion is sporting vibrant hair colors. Snooky always stays in the blue family while Tish stays pinkish, but loves to play around.

MODERN caught up with the ever fabulous Snooky and Tish to learn about their own shades and to learn more them. They really are fantastic.

THE OSCARS INSIDE SCOOP: Interview With Chris McMillan

Julia Roberts

Living Proof Spokesperson and Celebrity Stylist Chris McMillan is a regular hairdresser for Hollywood A listers and this year he created the Oscar look for Kate Hudson, the beauty at the top of everyone’s “HITS” list. Above and beyond her gorgeous Versace gown, Hudson sported the winning “do” of the night, soft, elegant, long side swept waves.

I got a chance to chat with McMillan the morning after the awards show to learn more about his “hits” and “misses”. Ever the gentleman, McMillan did not want to find fault with any single finish (although he DID say he would love to get “hold of Jennifer Lawrence to give her something a bit more age appropriate…younger”), but he does offer some insight and his fave trends from the Oscars.

“No one leaves her house unless she feels she looks good,” he told me. “But humidity really did play a factor this year. As you know it was raining all day and some of the artists had to go heavy with product or totally change the look to be safe.” For Hudson, McMillan went heavy with Living Proof Flex (“It is my must have and use product”) and went big. “I mean BIG,” he says. “I knew it would fall a bit in the car and did that so it would be perfect by the time she hit the red carpet.” McMillan armed Hudson with a comb and a can of Flex to keep her locks in place for the six hour Oscar red carpet and ceremony. “I was not with her for the show so she had to do her own touch up backstage before she went onstage to present.”


As far as his own “hits” list, McMillan says “I come from the school of ‘touchable’ hair…never helmets… and my favorites all fall into that category.” McMillan offers his favorite looks from the night:

FAVE SHORT LOOKS: Charlize Theron. “It was effortless and elegant.”

FAVE UPDO: Meryl Streep. “So simple. I loved her low chignon.” (McMillan also loved Julia Roberts chignon)

FAVE HAIR ACCESSORY: For McMillan it was a no-brainer…”I loved how Lupita Nyong’o used her headband as jewelry.”

FAVE LONG LOOK: Kate Hudson. “I hate to say it…because I did it…but it was perfect and really expressed the trend well. It was modern and fashionable,” and far from a helmet.

Via ModernSalon.com

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