Capri College in Dubuque, Iowa is located at 395 Main Street, centered in a richly historic downtown location, next to the Five Flags Civic Center. The campus is within walking distance of the beautiful new Iowa Welcome Center, Grand Harbor Convention Center and Waterpark, National Mississippi River Museum, Grand River Center, Dubuque Museum of Art, and the new picturesque Mississippi Riverwalk and Plaza.

If you’re considering a move to Dubuque, you’ll find a wonderful sense of progressive, ‘on-the-move’ attitudes, blended with serene, natural beauty and historical, Victorian charm. As the seventh largest city in the state of Iowa, Dubuque boasts small-town warmth and friendliness, freedom from the hassles of traffic, commuting, and even more importantly, crime.

Situated in the tri-states of Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois, on the mighty Mississippi, Dubuque and its surrounding communities are an open playground not only for the young, but also the young at heart. From its history as the first town to be established in Iowa, built on the hard work of miners and those that worked the docks, to its reinvention as one of the most modern cities in the Midwest, Dubuque is a true vacation destination.

A wealth of education and entertainment is available year round. Explore historical sites, indulge in nature’s bounty, and dream along the riverside. Jump into the swing of things, whether it be golfing, gaming, biking along a legendary trail, snowshoeing across rolling hills, or cruising on the river. Indulge in breakfast at a country inn, luxuriate in the services of a posh spa, tour a winery, or window-shop in the heart of downtown. Whatever it is you want to do while taking a break from the realities of life, Dubuque can take you there.


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